The Wetlands Spaces

We have a really awesome massive shopfront that is covered in astro turf and good for things like pop-up shops, exhibitions, meetings, gigs and other happenings. The space is 6m x 10m and I’ve been told could handle a capacity of 100 comfortably. The whole space is pretty hand crafted and we used what materials we had available. We also have a couple of studio spaces available. If you do happen to choose us and rent space from us we can: give you an awesome space to work in, feature you on our website (optional), put your name up in our window (optional).

We do have good wifi and can offer support or space as you need.

You can apply via The Wetlands Studios Application Page.


We have a shop frontage on Sydney Rd up near Albion Street. It’s 6m wide and 10m deep. We envision that it would be good for a pop up shop or gallery space. The space is versatile and could be expanded or contracted to suit your shop’s needs. If you just want a window or you want the whole 6m x 10m space we can probably sort something out.

Prices for a week are $300 upfront plus 30% commission. For a day $100 plus 20% commission.*


We are keen to have a few little gigs here and there. If you have an idea for a show, evening or gig you’d like to put on then let us know. We are into all the things.

$200 plus 20% of the door.*


We have enough space to provide an area for some rehearsals. It will have to not clash with the pop-up and we are not really super keen on really loud music cos we haven’t figured out how to dedicate space or money to sound proofing. Throw your ideas at us, we’ll figure something out.

$50 for 5 hours in the shopfront.*


We have 6 studios in total; these studios measure around 4m x 2m. The studios are fully lockable and internet and bills are included. All the air is shared and the ventilation is not awesome so really fumey or loud work isn’t going to fly, unfortunately.

$275 per month.*


*These prices are subject to change to please enquire on application.

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