We are currently looking for a new space to set up shop in. It’s been an amazing space to caretake for the past year but it’s now time to shift our vision. Stay tuned for new developments but for now thanks everyone who was involved in this project. xx

Open for Business

Until the end of the year, we at The Wetlands will be exhibiting, playing, making as much art, music and work as we possibly can! We’d love you to get involved! We have a great shop front and we’d really love you to exhibit in it.DSCF3145

Stand by for Opening…


Here it comes… we have some very exciting news! We are going to be open for business very soon! The astro turf is laid, the walls are painted white, all we need to do is put up the picture rails and build one last wall and hang one last door! We have a few tester events coming up and then… BOOM! GRAND OPENING!!!

Looking forward to seeing you there!